Is anyone else's dynamic data button not working in the editor?

I have the same problem for two hours

my editor just keeps freezing. so frustrating

I’m having the same problem. Downing tools until its fixed :frowning:

The Arbitrary date/time input box doesn’t work either

Is there another way to insert dynamic data in the mean time?

Same here. PLUS another issue across the whole editor - the search box for element (on design), workflow (on workflow) etc does not allow typing in.

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Yes,copy paste similar content copy current user’s name and paste than change current user’s surname for example,but regular copy pasta doesn’t work,you need to copy all and paste all .

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I temporarily switch to the new composer to kick off the dynamic data entry, then switch back to complete it. Clunky, but better than stopping for the day.

Yeah the input goes out of focus. I’ve filed a bug report but the issue is only on Edge (I would assume Chrome too since Edge is Chrome based). It works fine in Firefox.

There is a workaround, you’ll have to press up on your keyboard and the input gets back in focus and you can type your search.

We’ve been doing the same

Just installed FF and seeing the same issue :frowning:

This is one of the very few times I have felt the need to rant about the Bubble team messing up the editor. It’s fine with me if some beta feature is buggy or doesn’t work. I can just ignore it but when it messes with core functionality it’s extremely messed up (I’m actually cursing out loud like a sailor right now).


Same here, but luckily it is almost my bedtime. Sorry for those in other parts of the world :frowning:

No sign of errors due to trying out the new composer?

No I haven’t yet today, but we HAVE experienced the issues with bugginess in the new expression editor that @Suri.M mentioned in the past though (random errors appearing, having to re-select elements etc) so we’re very wary of it and keeping an eye out each time we toggle on/off. We just can’t have our devs not working all day, so there’s no other way around it…

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ahh ok, I guess I’ll try it out as well. cheers and good luck!

Yep, having the same issue - plus the “Search for an element” is not working. I think they are messing with the app and don’t realise they have users in other time zones - extremely frustrating.

Same problem :expressionless:

Same, filed a bug report… Hope It gets fixed soon.

How much time/money is being lost by developers/agencies because of this? When will Bubble stop pushing quality control onto their users and take responsibility for QA and use their resources to conduct tests to ensure the editor is not broken by their changes?