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Is anyone getting marked as spam, even with Postmark?

We were using SendGrid for emails, but google kept marking it as spam, so we tried switching to Postmark.

However, Postmark isn’t working for us either; gmail is still marking it as spam. It worked in the beginning, but now I can’t even receive emails on my gmail account.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

Hey @Boost,

Maybe it’s your domain that’s getting blocked? Is your emails sending format something like: If so, I recommend trying something like or

You can also use another domain all together so something like


Nvm, I think we just need to upgrade our plan

@johnny ^^^ this, spot on.

To add to this.
First do a domain/email health check.

Then do a deliverability report

Lastly check your true deliverability

Many things could be at play here including content, trigger words, black listed domain, low domain health, lacking DMIK/SPF records in DNS, there’s a whole slew of potentials but start there^^^