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Is anyone's "Run As" Not working?

This also seems to impact plugins or other features that make use of the “Run As” or “Render as”-functionality.
e.g. Select PDF plugin doesn’t render information anymore that is protected by privacy rules. When privacy rules are removed (aka anyone can see anything), PDFs render just fine.

Also confirm this has been working fine in Firefox

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Hmm, confirming here that Run as using Firefiox works fine, while not Chrome. :frowning:

Works in Safari - so looks like its a Google Chrome issue

From my live app, it seems the workflows are not running for all the Chrome users. Is it related to a recent Chrome release or is it a Bubble bug?

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Same here. It’s not working in Chrome or Edge but it’s working fine in Firefox. I think Chrome and Edge run on Blink while Firefox uses Gekko and Safari uses Webkit so an update in Blink might be the problem perhaps.

Yep not working for me either.

As an update for you all: we have found that this is related to a change from Cloudflare yesterday, which affected the cookies that “run as” relies on to function. This only affects Chrome/Edge, and you can continue to run as on Safari or Firefox. Our team is continuing to work on a fix for this case, and we will update you all here as soon as that’s live.


Thank you @jess ! Can you confirm it does not only impact the “run as” function but basically all the users of the live Bubble apps through Chrome/Edge? We see a major impact with workflows not working properly for 70% of our users (the ones using Chrome/Edge)

@amo @jess I can confirm this. For me, some critical workflows that work with data / store data no longer work. However, the behavior is extremely inconsistent.

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Hello, everyone,

Cloudflare is reporting this issue resolved and we’ve been able to successfully test the functionality on our end. Please do make sure this is working on your app and that the behavior meets your expectations.


Thanks Jess!


Thks !!!


Thank you so much Jess! Its really good to know that you guys work on bugs and give to us feedback. Thank you for your support

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Thanks Jess and glad the community suggested Firefox as a workaround while you sorted.
Everyone loves a problem solver! :wrench:🪛


Awesome! Thanks for the update @jess

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Thank you @jess ! We still experience 5% of our traffic for which the workflows still don’t work, can it be due to a propagation of the fix? If not, what should we do? Cheers

It’s working on Chrome now.

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We’re working on your bug report in parallel, and we’ll keep investigating there and update you on next steps. Thanks for your patience!


Any update ? Experiencing this issue now on Chrome

Firefox as well