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Is Apple Watch App Possible?

Hi there,
I’d like to build an Apple Watch app, partnered with an iOS app, that allows me to keep track of score & scorers during a game of football (soccer). Results are added to a database and updated/tracked over time with individual player records. Is this possible? I can’t see any reference to Apple Watch Apps being possible on Bubble, but its a key part of my user proposition.

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Hello @chrisstoneman and welcome to Bubble.

You’re the first asking :slight_smile:

What I know is you can build it under Jasonelle env. (free).

Ask your question on the new fast Telegram Jasonelle LINK here

I will assume you can do it. It’s a matter of Xcode setup.

You can also read this Jasonelle post to give you some tips.

Good luck.

I’m also going to be giving this a try pretty soon. Perhaps we might log our experience here in this thread.
As I understand, we need to have specific features and design requirements just to get into the Apple App Store, such as facial Recognition and Touch ID. I know zeroqode has a service to put everything together but at the end of the day it’s like 10 grand.

So the thought on my mind right now is whether this free service is going to cut it.

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heading down a similar road and testing for a web app we’re developing on bubble. will keep you updated on our progress. any success on your end?

Hello All! :wave: :handshake:

Are there any updates?

I’m in the process of assessing whether I should/can use bubble to build an app that also depends on being able to use features from the app remotely on watches (preferably on both Apple and Andriod) so it would be good to learn of ant info that may be useful.

For context my app idea consists of geographical mapping of data, directions to locations, and trips routing similar to uber, however, I wish to trigger requests or should I say use functions from watches for users who have watch’s and wish to have remote access.

:zap: anybody building anything interesting with watchOS/ healthkit? been searching hi and low for devs w/ absolutely no luck… will pay anything for more swift/bubble devs :sob:

It’s been awhile, but anyone have any luck? Building a standalone apple watch app using Bubble?

Was it possible??