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Is Bubble app scalable? Scary question to ask after investing 6months lol

I have no tech background so I chose bubble. If it cant handle 10 users then there seems to be no point in putting 6 months in learning it and building something on your own.

A guy in the above post claims to be paying bubble $2500/month to manage his site of 300k traffic and yet says it is dead slow itseems.

This is bad. Really feels like a bad decision.


Bubble is great for building, but we’re discussing the performance here. If you have a killer idea, Bubble is not the most scalable software, but Bubble wins in regards to ease of use. Wappler and Webflow in my opinion are more difficult to master.


You need to seriously look at wappler again.

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Ya, I hadn’t done any research.
Even if I did, I would have chosen bubble bcuz of no tech background.

Wappler is great, you just need to overcome the initial hurdles but the community is insanely helpful. You get a 7 day free trial with the software, so surely that’s worth a go right?


I think because the big fixes take resources. Business was bootstrapped until a year ago (i.e. small staff), then they raised $6 million in mid-2019 and have been hiring more staff including engineers. I’ve seen posts this year with users reporting some speed improvements. If you want to see what they’ve fixed and are working on, read Josh’s monthly updates.

If you’ve built a prototype, test it out and see what capacity it uses. My prototype seems to use about 2% capacity per active user on a base professional plan (3 units) – so about 50 active users concurrently. Only a small % of users would be on at the same time, so that’s a sizeable user base that could be supported. App is a search and display app for industry information.

Note some of the posts by @keith who has untangled some users’ apps who had structured things that were slowing them down.


I’ve been, but their 7-day trial is a big turn-off. I would rather use the completely free AppGyver instead.

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I haven’t used Wappler, and it’s probably a great tool – but they themselves say they are aimed at a different user base. Their website says: “we’re focused on professionals and web developers”.

I looked at a lot of tools, and ran into other Wappler-esque tools that basically give you a lot of building resources and CMS functionality, then you host, customize and fill in code here and there.

Bubble to me is different – enables non-technical founders to build a lot of functionality and iterate fast to adapt to user needs.


That’s what I hopped in for.
Love it’s features and the ease to build stuff.

But, if it takes 10 to 15 sec to load everytime or sometimes not even load then it all becomes pointless.

It becomes even scary when you see that this issue has continued from 2018. Gives you a feeling that they will never focus on performance.


I’m not sure where that’s coming from and I don’t think that’s typical. You could read through all the showcase apps & app of the day apps and check them out for speed.

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Thanks for the tip about Wrapper!


This is 100% not true in my case, it may depend on how complicated your app is, and mine does run a lot of workflows per user. But I can take around 100+ active users at once before you start to notice a slight performance spike. I’m currently on the personal plan.

I would recommend reaching out to @eve with Bubble Support ( or [email protected]), as I believe they offer a better insight on what your app can take.


Hi @sanjuujosephh,

I don’t know what you’ve build but if your page load time is 10 to 15 secs on something basic - you have a really hudge issue with your design. I have build a full CRM / Digital workflow in a SPA (Complete app on one page) approach with tens of data tables, dashboard load on page etc and this has a load time of ~ 10 secs on bubble professional plan.


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He completely ignored @Jici’s comment so not sure how we should evaluate this topic. Bubble’s infrastructure is being improved as we are speaking. They are working hard on launching a new interface.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bubble decided to re-write most of its core functionality to allow further scaling. Which I thought they were planning anyways for the editor.


I’m not saying that I disagree with your point of view, but you’re only looking at it from one angle. Would you agree Bubble is much faster now compared to three months ago?

p.s. I’m out of this discussion :wink:

Lesson learnt…

Have you ever tried to use MS Excel with thousands of rows and multiple complex formulas without any optimization?

It happened to me. My worksheet took about 20 minutes (yes, minutes) to update and re-calculate, it was a nightmare. Then, I requested help on a forum, to find a Excel guru. I found one, I took my worksheet, redesigned it, and gave it back to me. Performances improved, a lot. Less than 4 minutes to update and re-calculate. Amazing.

If your Bubble app is too slow for you, let’s first try to find help instead of shooting on what you may not use correctly.


What is the application are you building?

General questions about scaling are going to give you vastly different answers because in the end it depends on what you want to build. If you can be specific about what the app does we can give you a realistic answer to the ‘is it scalable’ question.

I’m starting to think there are trolls out there who want these general ‘scale’ questions to pop up. I agree I wish it was Bubble had better performance, but these questions never specify what they actually want to build so no single answer can be given and it turns into a lot of venting.


You should take in account your own business model. For instance, if you are building a blog or an ecommerce site, I don’t believe bubble is the best choice (for scalability), how much income will you get per user or per visit? What is your conversion rate? Will it always be like this? In the other hand, if you build a SaaS app and you expect to get 5-10 persons per reserved unit and yo will charge your client $180 per team monthly (considering 10 users max.) then you have better control over your app performance, spendings and, overall, your business model, because you are charging per user and the use itself. If I had 300k+ users, I would be paying more than 1.5 million dollars, but I would have an income of 6+ million in return (and maybe many sub apps).


I’m currently building only platforms that charge per user or teams because that is the most secure way to minimize risk, but if you want to create an instagram or amazon, I believe that you should use bubble for proof of concept and study other alternatives for scalability, maybe you can generate enough traction to get investors and migrate.

I recommend you to take a look at this, I love video games and this is very inspiring to me.

I love bubble, but the reality is that it’s still not good enough (or the best choice) for many use cases, hopefuly it will be soon. If you did take a bad decision or not, it only depends of your expectations, for me having this kind of tool to build (at least) functional MVP’s without spending thousands of dollars, is more than enough to start a business. If you were looking for a mega tool that will build the perfect app, with no code, without troubles of any kind and for few bucks, then pal, you should reasess your expectations.


From experience working with Bubble on several app projects now, I can confidently say that the versatility it offers is hard to beat truly. As far as crashes, slow speeds, and etc in all truthfulness? It’s to be expected I suppose.

There are some optimizations you can do on the backend as well though. To use an example: I have been part of projects where a database would literally have 10k + entries with lists of over 100 + entries on each one. It can be pretty painful seeing the site loading the entire database to put it lightly. Utilizing 3rd party plugins may even drag it down even further just something I noticed when I tried converted a drop down system to a multidropdown system once. Literally made that particular database take another 30 seconds or more to load for users.

Don’t forget though your cleaning tools you have available too you under settings.

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