Is bubble capable of building appliction that I want to build

Hi, I want to build an application leveraging Bubble CMS but I am totally new to bubble so I don’t the kind of application that I want to build is possible using Bubble.
Plz see this image
This kind of functionality I want A kind of mentoring platform.
A kind of online on-demand mentoring platform where user clients will post the problem that they are facing and mentors will help them solve their problem and a video conf. will take place between the mentor and the client and client will be charged on the minute basis.

Yep, definitely doable. I’m building something similar for a friend of mine right now, actually.

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I can’t see anything in there that you can’t build on Bubble. You might be needing some third-party services or custom development on parts of it though, like the video conferencing.

This thread discusses some solutions for that: Looking to create video chat between 2 users. Someone please help

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thanks for your reply.
So can how long will it take and how to proceed ?

I can’t answer the time question for you, as it depends on your level of skill and how much time you’re planning to spend each day. As for where to start, I suggest watching some tutorial videos, doing the built in guided lessons, and tinkering on your own to get a feel for the tools.

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