Is Bubble down?5-23-2020


I keep getting this, Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit

I’m up and running no problems at the mo.
I’ve seen that error in the past, and it hasn’t been due to cluster or platform issues. My experience is that this is due to some error on my end but the error message is just vague. It has usually appeared when I am trying to do a CSV upload and have got something amiss with the data matching.

I have the same issue on a client account, its a brand new account and a simple action to hide a group and show another give the same error

I’m getting strange behavior. When going into the responsive editor the app ‘crashes’ and no responsive editor is displayed, can’t exit responsive editor, change pages or anything. App is basically frozen.

i keep getting this error code 1590262091952x579041960608325800

Also getting strange behaviour this evening. I have an app using BDK and behaviour is being affected by something but can’t identify the issue currently. As usual, nothing has changed regarding the app but I suspect it’s probably due to a peak usage of resource/a dependency on a third party service (aws?)

Just an update after further troubleshooting, it is something perhaps related to aws and/or the HTML element. BDK doesn’t look to be causing any issue regarding this.

Could be the user’s internet conection or the app server capacity. May be you can look in the logs, capacity tab.

Here all seems to be ok:

Hey @finddestinybiz,

I’d suggest you file a bug report with Bubble using the following link.

I shared yesterday on this thread that I wasn’t experiencing any such problems. I spoke too soon.

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