Is Bubble down now?

Same here…

Still down for me too!

I kept having issues this afternoon with the app not saving and then it went down completely with the major outage. I can work in the editor now but previewing the app is not working.

All my live apps are working properly.

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I’m still unable to access our live app despite the status being marked as resolved, just FYI.

Previewing the app from the editor in Development or Live mode sends me to, and the direct app URL is timing out.

Still down for me too…

Still down here as well

Been down over 50 minutes now. Still down.

This is extremely frustrating- I’m in the middle of a pre launch ad push …

… my site has now been unreachable for 40 minutes - unacceptable for a SaaS operation

This is what I don’t understand, bubble status page shows that no issue on the main cluster, but my application is not working. Looking at the status page for the last month, every few days there is a partial outage with no incidents reported and two main outages with more than 30 minutes. You guys as a Bubble owners did a great job with a bubble application as an opportunity for us to create an amazing apps, but you have to keep in mind that we are now more then 250K customers and this is a time when Bubble has to be careful with testing or updating as this will impact all of us. We are all depending on you now and nothing we can do. I pretty sure you will resolve this particular issue in a short time, but this will not resolve the main problem which I mentioned above. Please consider this and as we cannot be down for that long and I believe everybody will agree on that.

All of my live apps are still down as well. Status still shows everything is operational…

Still down as well

Investigating now. We pulled the message because our metrics look totally normal. Can one of you share your app that’s still down please? Either post to forum or email if you’re not comfortable sharing


Thanks for the details! @josh

The following app isn’t available also:


Thanks! is not working

I can get into the editor but my external website isn’t working -->

Looks like also isn’t available.

Thanks all – we have enough to go on to investigate, will let you know ASAP


I’m back up.

Thanks for the speedy response.

Up again. What was the issue?