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Is Bubble Excruciatingly Slow for everybody?

The last three days I’ve had excruciatingly slow editor functionality, to the point I’ve tested my internet speed multiple times a day and still get over 50MBPS upload and download results, which would indicate it is not my connection.

I’m talking like 60 second delays between clicking in a text before getting the ability to type.

I did notice it going all blank or having issues loading at times. I’m creating an app, the biggest concern is if Bubble can handle visitors and load up correctly for them.

Yup, it’s gone down on various occasions for me and on some incredibly slow and hangs on ‘saving’. I wait for that to finish, then refresh/close and it seems to improve performance… for a bit.

It is incredibly memory intensive and the more you do the more client side data it stores. The only way to fix this is try another browser or periodically clear your browser cache.

Thanks for that. I did not notice an immediate improvement after closing the browser and reopening.