Is Bubble experiencing outages?

Hi All

Over the last 24 hours I’ve been getting various messages about issues Bubble is having. Yesterday all my data in my app vanished and I was told there was an issue, try later. That resolved itself.

I was just in the middle of reorganising an entire page to make it Responsive and a message popped up saying it couldn’t save my work and I should refresh my browser. I did this, it took ages to do nothing then I was dumped out of Bubble. My web connection is fine and all other sites are working well. Bubble’s home screen is not available. Firstly I managed to get a glimpse but not one single app was there. Now in the top left hand corner of the Bubble home screen it simply says “You hit balancer” and the rest of the screen is blank.

It’s getting pretty frustrating. Is anyone else experiencing this and should I go and do something else this afternoon or is it likely to come back?

Oh phew! Thank you Mike. Just glad it’s not my end. Sorry it’s yours though.

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Ten minutes ago, I got a message saying that my work coudn’t be saved and I should try refreshing the page. After that I’ve been getting the “You’ve hit balancer” message.

Well, @joefarrowsmith, it’s not my end because I don’t actually work for Bubble. :slight_smile:

But yeah, it’s definitely not your end.

Thank you for clarifying. I didn’t observe that your message was forwarded by someone who does, hence the “We’re actively working on it…” Pretty much standard error for my level of attention yesterday!
All seems to be good today though.

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