Is bubble forum built on bubble?

Genuinely love how fast & seamless it is.

No, it’s not built on Bubble… they use

Shame :grin:!

We don’t need Bubble forum being down when Bubble has some issues on their cluster, aren’t we? :slight_smile:


I am probably the only one who wouldn’t mind that at all… I have my reasons. :wink:


I would love to see a forum built-on bubble. I can see a lot of discourse features not easily doable and only possible with a lot of workaround with Bubble :slight_smile:

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I feel like it’s pretty doable but would accrue a lot of WU! I’d attempt a clone as a case study of i didn’t have so many things I’m working on :rofl:


What are they out of interest? Everything I see seems pretty standard! A forum is literally the best example of a CRUD app :laughing:

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I guess the data and workflow parts are pretty doable. The UI thingies might have these most workarounds or maybe I am not experienced with Bubble enough. I usually think in terms of built-in Bubble elements (even the UI perspective). Like understanding if a topic has been read or not (when you stay on the page for some time it happens I guess). The things that depend on mouse movements is another example.

Ah, this…

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I’ve considered building a forum with Bubble before…

And I don’t think there’s any part of the UX of this Discourse Forum that couldn’t be easily replicated in Bubble (albeit with some custom JS and CSS).

But I think the usual Bubble limitations (regarding data retrieval inefficiencies, poor real-time data capabilities, limited search abilities etc.) not to mention the WU costs, would be more of a problem… although that depends on exactly what functionality was required, and how big the user base would be.

You could certainly modify it to make it fit within the capabilities of Bubble though…

It might be an interesting project (but to be honest, if I need a forum I’d just use Discourse…)

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Yea the most obvious one. These Someone is typing... alerts.

I would too.

Have a ‘lastTyped’ field on a Thread. When input’s value is changed, modify the lastTyped to Current date time (only when the lastTyped date is more than like 30 seconds ago). When Thread’s lastTyped was in the last 30 seconds, show Someone is typing


And here’s the thing :arrow_up:… sometimes it’s better just to use things that are built specifically for certain use cases. One client wanted me to build a documentation section of the app (for its users) and I was like… just use Gitbooks, it’ll save you time and money, and it’s just better…

Exactly this…

My general approach now is, if it already exists, then why try to build it yourself?.. (you probably won’t do a better job, or keep it maintained and updated as well, as a dedicated service that already exists.). The time/money it would take to recreate it can be much better spent on developing new things, to solve problems that don’t have existing solutions.

That said… recreating/reproducing existing things (like this forum) is a really great way, when approached correctly, to learn how to build things, and understand how common functionalities work… so from an education standpoint it can have some value.

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I can help you out with work :+1:t3: