Is Bubble not willing to protect our intellectual property? Update: Yes They Are!

I have recently decided to enter the marketplace as a template seller. I created two templates and submitted them as commercial templates and listed their prices.

After submission this is how the two templates look in my account

As you can see both are designated as open source, however, I submitted them as commercial and set their prices.

In my account now, when I want to change their prices I get this popup message.

Clearly, these templates are being considered as open source despite my submission as commercial and price setting.

Looking at the public page of these templates, things look different, and they seem to be listed for a price and therefore commercial templates.

So, when I submitted my third template and I was unable to change the price settings in my account and I saw the same settings as my first two templates (being set as open source and having the popup indicating I can not set the price as the template is not commercial) I did not think much about this.

After receiving the email confirmation from Bubble that my third template was approved and successfully submitted at 8:38PM local time I was delighted with the news.

After finishing up some work, I checked on the public page and noticed there was a single install of this new template already. I quickly looked at my emails and saw the notification email of the use that came in at 9:25PM local time. That email did not contain any information regarding the payout, which confused me.

So, I looked again at the public page and noticed it was listed as a free plugin and the user who installed it had installed it for free.

I immediately sent an email to support at 9:39PM alerting them to the issue. I had also just received a reply from a previous bug report and I felt it maybe more efficient to reply to this email alerting them to the issue. I sent that reply at 9:42PM.

The first reply back from support stating they can not remove the template from the users account.

Another reply indicated they would ‘take a look’.

When I provided the screen shots I added to this post they replied they are looking into what happened and would provide me more information.

My position is that if this was caused by an apparent glitch in the system, or a mistake on my part due to the poor UI of template submissions, plus the timeliness of me alerting support to the issue, that there should be no question of Bubbles willingness and ability to rectify the situation by alerting the user who installed the template to the issue and to remove it from their account and any copies they may have made.


  1. Is it wrong for me to hold this opinion?
  2. If it is a glitch in the system should bubble remove it from the users account?
  3. If it was an error on my part should bubble remove it from the users account?
  4. Should I just have to live with the consequences that a user has an open source licensed version of an app I created and intended to use for commercial purposes?

Also, if you are reading this and you are the person who unwittingly installed the template “Babysitter Marketplace” for free, could you do what in my mind is the correct thing and delete it and any copies and alert Bubble as such so I don’t need to worry that my intellectual property has mistakenly been distributed for free.

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Needed to update this thread in regards to the resolution.

Bubble has gone above and beyond expectations in the actions they took to resolve this issue.