Is Bubble right for Me?


I’m opening up a Live-Action Gaming event company (think of it like a real-life MMO), and I’ve been trying to find a solution for a Player Portal where my players can create and update Characters based on the amount of Points they have earned. However, the Rule-System we’re using is somewhat complicated, needing conditional rules for what Skills/Actions a Player has available to them based on their total number of Points, as well as what Skills/Actions they have already ‘purchased’ for their Character.

Does Bubble have this functionality? What ‘pricing tier’ do you think would be best? I’ve been bashing my head against a wall trying to figure out a solution that uses the least amount of platforms (currently, I have Cognito Forms, Gravity Forms, Wordpress Business account, Zapier account)

I’ve been struggling for a while on this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can see no reason why bubble wouldn’t work for this. You could probably run it of a personal or professional plan with no issues.


Thanks @simon! Good to know - I’ve probably created the Character Builder form about 5 separate times, each time hitting a roadblock due to a platform’s lack of capability in one aspect or another, so definitely hoping this can solve my issues.

Now to dive headfirst into the training videos!

If anyone has any thoughts on how best to set something like this up, I’m definitely all ears.


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also, take a look at for their platform currency tutorial that is being released early June. Seems like it may be something that both gets you introduced with Bubble while also helping you to build out an important part of the functionality.


The devil is often in the details, for sure, with picking the right platform. It sounds like Bubble should be able to handle all of what you’re looking to do (but hard to know without knowing all of the details). Additionally, Bubble has become really good at enabling you to add custom code if that’s ever required to overcome a roadblock which means it’s not common to get completely stuck.

If you have more details, feel free to share them and the community can help you evaluate it’s viability (and the best ways to implement). Definitely take a video course or two. I founder the 20-30 hour video on creating AirBnB in Bubble to be really useful when I first started. @romanmg also has a ton of really useful content (which didn’t exist when I started).

You may also want to consider hiring a Bubble expert for 10+ hours to help you get start with it and to help you overcome the first set of challenges you run into. It’s much cheaper, in my experience, to have someone who really knows Bubble get you started in the right direction so that you don’t make any major mistakes with the architecture that require complete re-work. Additionally, learning Bubble is fast relative to code, but it still takes a long time. There are many small aspects that take 2-4 hours of butting your head against the wall to figure out the first time where an experienced Bubble developer can show you the solution in 10 minutes and explain why it works that ways.

Hope this helps.


Great advice here! I appreciate the help.

If anyone’s interested in the rule-set I built for this game, I’ve got all the data on an Airtable currently that you can view here:

Here’s the Cognito Form I created a while ago but couldn’t figure out an easy way to have a Player’s data get populated on my site where they could then add new skills/level up their characters:

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