Is bubble right for my app idea?

I have a business idea that I want to create a web app for. I am a developer myself but I’m trying to find a no/low code platform that I can use to get it up and going pretty quick (plus maintain easily by myself). I’m creating a backend using Java but I just don’t know a whole lot about front end development. I see a TON of possible options but they are all advertised as being for making “internal tools” with no white-label options or expensive per-user pricing models.

I am creating a back end exposed via rest api and I need a front end to consume and display information to a user. Basically, I need a user to be able to:

  • log in
  • download reports
  • view information dashboards
  • receive email notifications
  • view data in a spreadsheet format
  • edit spreadsheet fields that will then be saved to the database (think like a short note or description)

As far as this “spreadsheet” viewing, they’ll be viewing data that could be thousands and potentially millions of rows. I can chop up things and only return a select section of the data at a time, but I need it to just not be crappy.

Some “version 2” features would involve uploading files which are processed and returned by the server.

Very doable

Bubble is great but I think its only when you are solving the entire problem. I think it becomes sub optimal when you have your own backend. To be clear I dont have a lot of experience with the scenario you are referring to but my experience with bubble is that when reaching outside of bubble things get non ideal. That being said its worth doing a quick test to see if your specific scenario will be handled well.

Bubble can definitely do this. And it will work well for your application.
It may not be optimal to have a backend in addition to Bubble as just a frontend. You will have duplicate costs - your backend hosting / cloud + Bubble’s subscription.

I’d recommend doing all of it on Bubble (including the backend) or doing the frontend on HTML/JS - something like Angular or maybe Bootstrap.

If the recurring costs are not a problem, Bubble + backend via API connections will work for sure.

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