Is Bubble the best platform for my App?

We are looking to build a social media app that has most of the features all of other major SM’s out there, Private messaging, group capabilities, events, status with video and photo capabilities…

However, there are a few that are not so common that we would like to add. We want to add a way that users can earn points for completing certain tasks and they can use points to trade in for coupons for related products or enter contests with actual prizes.

We also want an interactive map where our partnered businesses can be listed and reviews can be left.

Are these additional things we’re looking to do possible with Bubble?

I know that it performs better with actual websites and from what I read it is possible to do native apps, but how hard is it do native apps with bubble and would a social media app like the one we’re proposing be too difficult for native apps with bubble?

Thanks in Advance and any advice is greatly appreciated!

Bubble builds web applications, and should be able to do what you’re asking. Bubble does not, however, build native apps. You can build “hybrid” applications that load your Bubble web app through a webview, but it won’t be a native app, won’t have offline access, can’t use certain device capabilities, etc.

Many people have built hybrid apps that function just fine for their use case, so I’d do a search for these terms: jasonelle, BDK native, webview. See what others are experiencing and if it’ll be sufficient for your use case!

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Awesome! Thank you so much! I’ll take a look at those and see if it will work.

I’ve gone through most of the training videos and played around with it some and I really like the setup and capabilities. So I’m hoping that I can make it all work together even if I have to piece some things together!