Is Cloudflare useful for bubble applications?

I’ve seen quite a few posts about cloud flare, some saying it improves site speeds; others saying it causes unintended problems. As I understand it, cloud flare is already built into AWS and should be obsolete for bubble. I am wondering what the more recent consensus on this is, thanks in advance!

I believe Bubble is moving to Cloudflare if they haven’t already so no need to do anything on your own.

Additionally, we didn’t see performance gains from it, but Cloudflare does provide some security features such as support to protect against DoS attacks, etc.


Bubble already uses Cloudfront. There’s really no need to use Clouflare. Both are CDNs, although Cloudflare provides some additional features, it’s not going to give you any considerable performance improvements. If anything, I’ve had more issues with Cloudflare’s security features in the past on other non-Bubble sites and deemed it more trouble than it’s worth.

In addition AWS Shield is already part of Cloudfront, so DDOS is already being mitigated.

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Cloudflare doesn’t appear to give any performance gains but some of the other services can be useful.

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I moved out just recently. There are no noticeable gains right now and you will have quite a few problems with your SSL certificates. Not recommended.