Is designing on Figma and then connect on Bubble is better or creating the whole UI on Bubble is better?

Hello bubblers,

I am new to, Figma just opens the door for creativity but is it fine creating an UI on that platform and importing to Bubble would work all normal? As i was try to make an app with Bravo studio but found bubble to be more appropriate. For a Uber eats clone. If anyone has done Uber eats clone, i would like to connect with them!

This interesting test done by @simon might be worth your while to watch

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Hi nikikumar15,

I used the Figma import for my latest App and I must say it’s quite amazing. If you know how to use Figma, this is a time-saver. All you have left is the logic and responsiveness. You can have a look if you want :

This is only useful when you have a background in webdesign though. That being said, if you’re looking to build a clone of an existing app, I’d look for a template in the marketplace.

Thanks for the reply @cmarchan, I got a clear idea of how to do things. Just asking randomly, do you have any resource which can teach me how to display repeating group based on the customer’s current location, basically showing nearby restaurants just like how Uber eat’s does.

This looks amazing and neat. The design is responsive too which is impressive, what level of web designing should on be to achieve whatever you have done? I mean can a beginner do this?

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I’ve been practicing for years now, even though my background is Marketing. You can get started by finding a Figma template somewhere and tweak to taste. Regarding Bubble itself, there are no shortcuts i’m afraid. I’ve done all the tutorials from Bubble, and I’ve read tons of solutions from this amazing community and I have spent months making apps again and again and again :).

If I were you, i would start with the Bubble tutorials and documentation. There are also incredibly useful (paid) tutorials by @gregjohnkeegan on Udemy.

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Design can be also be achieved in Bubble. :grinning:

Here a guide (paid resource from the good folks from @morewebs )

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Different videos online. Search for Bubble plus words like “maps” and the like :+1:t2:

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Your platform is simply beautiful, from the landing page to the dashboard, all very beautiful with an impeccable UX, I sincerely wish you all the success. Update us later about your platform, I signed up there and I sincerely liked it, will you take this forward as a Startup or a SaaS? What are your plans? Because it really looks impeccable. Congratulations!

Thank you so much for the kind words !
I’d like to take this as far as I can, but for now it is just a side project. Next step is finding beta testers in my target audience :innocent: