Is env variable still the plugin for passing states across pages

I’ve been using URL’s but its getting to messy is the env variable plugin still the best? I couldn’t find too many alternatives.

Try @vini_brito 's Satellite plugin. It allows you to send values from element to element without them needing to be within the same scope of the page.

I have a tutorial of how to set it up as well. DEMO | EDITOR

I think there is another plugin also called Global States. I could be wrong however. (seems like I was wrong).

Another thing you’d probably want to look into is using local storage to store data rather than trying to use states for everything. This way you can also save on your WU power. As long as the data doesn’t need to be encrypted or secure, it will be fine. Here is my plugin that allows you to store local storage data and manipulate it.

**All free options by the way

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Thank you! I’d image your pluign would work across different pages as well?

Absolutely. It’s very modular and for the most part runs on actions rather than needing to always put it on your page.