Is fitler done on front end? Mine doens't seem like it

I need help with improving WU usage with a filter.

I have designs (Design) that users have created. The users can buy them, which will be orders (Order). I am displaying a list of designs (repeating group) in admin. For each design, I display design info and some order info, if the design has an order, e.g. design image, design image, order package type, etc. I cache a list order (dev tool shows that) and then do a front end filter to get the order for the design. There are 46 items and only 5 of them are orders. The display of the order info is taking up decent WU. See the image. That is a lot of WU just for displaying order info. The filtering should be a front end (JS) activity. Why does it use so much WU? How can I fix this?

I think Bubble may be doing a search (instead of filter) to get the order info for each design. That may explain why the WU is high. With hard code, I can just do an outer join on the design and the order tables to get all the info I need in 1 query. How can I do that in Bubble, if possible?

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