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Is http(s) necessary?

I wanted to test to see how my site looks on different browsers using online tools like But, in every case and on all testing sites, my site would not display (I tried about 8 sites).

One of the test sites threw up the following error:

The website that you’re trying to view on Responsive Checker is not 100% accurate because it has X-Frame Options set to Same Origin or Deny. This isn’t great for the tool, but it is a great thing for a more secure web

I then noticed that when I copy/paste my website address it has no www but it does have https and a forward slash at the end.

I thought the ‘s’ was only necessary for a payment page, not for every single page of my site?

I haven’t changed any of the default Bubble configurations, but I wonder if the way my site is configure make my SEO less effective?