Is is possible to set the Mixpanel $distinct_id

It looks like “Send user to Mixpanel” sets the $name of the user in Mixpanel, but I don’t see how to set the $distinct_id, i.e., call the mixpanel.identify() method.

Is this possible?

Answering my own question, sort of. Looks like bubble sets the mixpanel distinct_id to the Bubble User record’s Unique Id, which allows me to do what I was hoping to do (use Mixpanel for email tracking).

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Yes we do :slight_smile:

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Just a quick follow up question on this:

I “send a user to mixpanel” and and some parameters with the action. I use current users email as mixpanel NAME/ID

If I want to add additional parameters to that particular user later, it seems that if I use “send user to mixpanel” and use current users email as name/id, it creates a duplicate in Mixpanel.

Is this correct behavior, or am I doing something wrong? Is it not possible to add user parameters other than at initial creation?

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Curious, did you figure out the solution so you don’t get a bunch of duplicate users?

Also, how are you associating events with users when you send the events data to mixpanel?