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Is it compulsory to set the google GEOCODE and location API?

Is it compulsory to set up GEOCODE API location api which is shown as two error?

I don’t have any map service used in my app but i do have location search feature in my app for the users

So will i face any problem without setting those 2 API?
And if I set that up
Will it only works if I have provided my billing information to google developers account.

How much will it cost for these two services?

Not compulsory during development as you can use the API in a rate limited fashion (6 calls a minute)…if you want to go live it is necessary to have no issues in the issue checker, so unless you add values to the inputs in the settings for those Google API keys then you won’t be able to launch live.

You can remove the issues by putting into the inputs in the settings section ‘1’ and ‘1’ and Bubble only looks to see if the input value is empty or not in determining to flag an issue.

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Thank you for your response

Will my location search bar works if I put ‘1’ in the settings?

No…the rate limited use requires the setting inputs to be empty.

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