Is it just me or is Listshifter broken?

I had to take a break from my project, it was working fine. I made some unrelated changes and now listshifter is totally unreliable. It will iterate through a list of 5 items and return 1 to 3 of them. I tried adding a pause thinking maybe it was running asynchronously and needed more time, but that doesn’t do anything. I see the dev has made it part of a paid plugin - was it disabled intentionally?

I doubt Keith would intentionally bork List Shifter KW. I got a bunch of List Shifters out there still doing their thing.

As a Keith fanboy, I would suggest you buy the Floppy plugin, ya know, throw a coin to your List Shifter witcher.


If you are doing a “Add a pause before next action” that doesn’t actually delay any workflow actions, it’s only for front end animations, show hide elements, etc. So it may still be an asynchronous issue maybe?


I tried doing dont go to next page until listshifters current index is the list size, still only did one. I spent like 2.5 hours working on this. Bubbles worst part, if I could just do a for loop I’d be done.

Nothing has changed in your copy of List Shifter, @grayum.ian. As with all things Bubble at this level of complexity, you’d have to build a reproducible, simple test page that demonstrates the issue or share your page that has problems (and preferably make your editor visible).

Unfortunately, it’s you — or your data (e.g., the results of some particular search or something) — that have changed something.

Also, I would revisit the idea that your changes were “unrelated”.

Another tip: you might also check the dev tools console and see what’s happening. Front end workflows don’t generally crap out without an error.

(Aside: so much in Bubble is easier if one behaves like a regular web developer and does regular web dev stuff like looking at the console. It’s stupid that Bubble deceives you into thinking otherwise but I didn’t write it, I just fix it to the extent that I can. :man_shrugging:)


Are you using the synchronous events? In your case it should be when A list shifter iteration started and A list shifter iteration complete.

You might be having sync issues in the iteration workflow itself so check it out and as advised by the man himself, check the console logs and List Shifter does come with the debug buddy element.


Was also going to mention Debug Buddy action (which can just write any Bubble expression to the console or also to the Bubble debugger). Thanks, @ihsanzainal84!

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Hi Keith, you were right. It used to send an email, which was enough time for it to iterate the list, removing that made it go too fast. I just have to add the next actions of going to the next page to a list shifter complete call instead. Probably a good time to just buy your plugin anyway, before I put too much work into this. Thanks for your help and for the plugin.


I made it so it doesn’t go to the next page, and it does actually finish the iteration - so it was an a sync issue. I added going to the next page in a iteration complete, but it never seems to fire. Is there something I’m missing?


At present, List Shifter KW and List Shifter PRO are essentially the same plugin, but note that Floppy’s step mode is (while kind of less sexy than List Shifter’s Iterate feature) probably superior for most use cases. But not really in yours.

There COULD be hassles (relatively rare but still) involved in installing Floppy in an existing project that also has List Shifter (already) so I’d avoid doing that. Next project, buy Floppy and use whichever (or BOTH!) plugins suit your specific needs.

Again, are you sure something’s not crashing your page? (I’m confused as to whether things are working for you or not.)

Everything is working as intended, no crash. Anything I put into “Iteration Complete” does fire. Its a simple process, it has one dropdown so I don’t know what I’m missing.

I’m still confused. Things work or they don’t. Is it working? Is it working but you don’t understand why? I’m lost here.

Sorry Keith, I’m saying it now iterates through the entire list, which wasn’t working before due the page changed while it was still in progress. The issue now is the on complete doesn’t seem to go off at this point but there are no errors. I will set up debug buddy tomorrow and see if theres anything there.

One thing to do would be to also just drop a text element on your page showing list shifter’s Iteration Complete state. And set up a new workflow that just does something visual on the Iteration Complete event (no conditions). Of course, if you’re navigating away from the page on Iteration Complete, you may never see those indicators go to yes/trigger.

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Am I missing something to what makes listshifter kw iteration complete fire? I tried the above, its just not seeming to end, although it does everything I need it to.

You’re not manually firing Stop Iterate are you?

no, should I be? Right now I’m just letting it run, then I have another workflow using iteration complete that continues on with the process - starting a backend workflow then going to another page. This way I give the loop time to run before cutting it off like I was before.