Is it naive not to worry about unwanted traffic spikes as long as all app data is privacy-rule protected (no-SEO/no-analytics site used internally)?

hi Bubblers
noticed a drastic spike in page views for our no-SEO app which is currently only used by internal users who are logged in (we don’t have any analytics tools installed). are there any obvious explanations and should we be concerned at all…? all sensitive data is privacy-rule protected
many thanks

Weird traffic spikes there. I would add analytics to figure out an ip and block it if possible/needed

Someone trying to scrape your site potentially?

hi jared.gibb

thx for sharing your thoughts - all our scrape-able data types are privacy-rule protected and the only things available on our index are text, images, contact form and member form…. and since the behavior isn‘t resulting in increased WU i‘t seems safe to put the repeated spikes in the ‚not urgent/not important/don‘t need to care’ box but am trying to assess whether that‘s naive ….?

there have been previous spikes in the 250-300 range and now 1700…

but as long as the page views stick to the index and don‘t interact with or backend (which can‘t happen without logging in and us knowing) there shouldn‘t be anything to worry about behind the bubble walls, right…?