Is it possibe to build something like koji

Hey everyone ,

I was wondering if it was possible to build a link in bio like Koji? Koji also has own app store which I would like to build with too. But I don’t know if it’s possible and didn’t want waste my time if it’s not possible. Please if someone could provide any info it would be helpful.

Here’s the link for better understanding of what I’m trying to build:

Absolutely. I don’t really see anything on withkoji that couldn’t be accomplished in Bubble. Welcome to the community, btw!

Including the app store that allows other creators to upload their own apps?

There’s lots of different ways to accomplish that which are outside my knowledge at the moment, but conceptually an App Store is doable. Looking deeper in to their Developer docs, there could be some things in there that are not possible yet with no-code and would require custom plugins (read: code). They do A LOT like even have a custom IDE for their developers.

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