Is it possible for a backend workflow to trigger a frontend workflow?

Is it possible for a backend workflow to trigger a frontend workflow? I’m asking because I can’t open the camera from a backend workflow so this needs to be triggered from a frontend workflow. But I want to use a scheduled API workflow to be able to time when to open the camera.

The question to ask is how does the backend WF know which frontend to trigger?

If it is for a specific user, you can have a yes/no field called “Open Camera” on the User datatype.

In the backend have an action Make changes to Current User and set that field to “yes”. Current user would only work if the user initiating the WF is the same that you want the camera to open. Maybe you want a specific user or users?

On the front end have a When condition is true event (Set it to Everytime) with the condition that that field is “yes” and have that open the camera. Then another action to set that field back to “no”


Hi @tylerboodman, thanks for your help. I tried your solution, but it looks like it might not be possible to call the open camera function twice in a row from the same workflow, or from one workflow to another: For example:

What works:

  • adding a open camera on a button. Everytime I press the button the camera opens.
    What doesn’t seem to work:
  • adding two open camera actions in a row in a workflow, or even an open camera followed by a reset camera followed by another open camera.
  • I also tried what you proposed using a When condition is true event, but I still end up with the same issue that the camera doesn’t want to open.
    I tried it with Native Mobile Camera and with Camera Native.
    Any thoughts?

I am not familiar with Camera Native, maybe worth asking the plugin dev why it can’t be reopened a 2nd time…

Does this method work at least opening it the first time… or why exactly do you need to open the camera twice in one workflow?

I want the user to be able to take 2 photos of their face - one from the left side and one from the right side. I could add two buttons and workflows on my page to open the camera, but it’s a smoother experience if after taking the first photo, the camera was ready for the 2nd shot.
Yes, it does work the first time, but not a second. Both of the camera plugins have this issue, so I’m wondering if it’s a deeper issue or if I’m just screwing something up. I’ll contact the plugin devs to see if they can explain.

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