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Is it possible in bubble?

Would it be possible to allow our customers to edit the content of the pages they create?
For example here :, the client can add elements in the menu, and also add elements in the submenu. Also the customer has the ability to customise each page.
I know that we have in bubble, the rich text editor but is that the only way the user could edit the content on the page?


Yes - that is possible. The more content the user is able to edit; the more intricate your app will need to be
It would mean creating a tons of dynamic data types…

Users could change the background of their pages - font types - font sizes - add element in the menu etc.

If allowing users to add elements to menus - you will likely want to impose some limitations - such as having them choose from keywords etc - or else it could get wild.

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The thing is that, the app belongs to the user so thats why i m asking. The app is developed for others.
I would like them to be able to edit from the admin i will create, as much as possible without my intervention :slight_smile:

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Ohh coool. I know what you mean. Very multidimensional.

Still doable - I would have two pages. One for the users app - and the second as an administrator section - so the user can log in and build their page.

Build a default wire-frame design - and then they can basically fill in the blanks from the administrator section.

There will be times of frustration but it can be done!

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