Is it possible to add a decimal place at the aspect ratio?

Hi, is it somehow possible to add a decimal place at the aspect ratio (picture 1)?
Nothing changes when I put a comma or dot between it and 2x1 is not fitting perfectly.
I don’t want a black line to the left and right of the video. (picture 2)
Or is it differently possible to remove the line?
Best wishes

picture 1:

picture 2:

Hi @Jakob1
I don’t think its possible to put decimal here…
If i keep aspect ratio width 1 & height 1
It removes left & right black lines

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Thanks for your answer!
But then the black lines are above and underneath the video. There should be no lines at all. The Video element should adjust its height and width according to the screen width. Is that somehow possible?

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Hi @Jakob1
I think its not possible to hide top & bottom lines using bubble video element
You need to use some other Video plugins (i guess :wink:)

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