Is it possible to add a max value to the <-max-> logic...?

hi Bubblers
currently have a text field displaying the larger of two numbers if a flag is set - is it possible to cap the larger of the two numbers…?
(if i understand correctly, <-max-> only works with 2 nrs and :max only works with a list of nrs)

so in this concrete example, an amount displayed is the larger of (amount"1.25) and (amount+3) but ideally the equation would look something like

is that somehow possible…?
many thanks

Could you just do
(Parent group's Item's genSAmount * 1.25) > (Parent group's Item's genSAmount +3):format as text

and for yes do Parent group's Item's genSAmount * 1.25
for no do Parent group's Item's genSAmount +3


RIGHT - and then use <-min-> to make sure the amount* 1.25 is less than 100 and use conditionals for my original No scenario - thanks!
(it was way too late/early when i asked that question : ) )

thanks again

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