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Is it possible to BLOCK a user from performing a particular action for some time after he did it once already?

Let me begin by saying that I haven’t even started working on the platform I want to build so I cannot provide any screenshots .

I want to create a simple application where users can upload their own image slideshows and browse slideshows uploaded by other users . Pretty simple functionality .

But apart from that , can I also limit the frequency at which they upload images ? Suppose a user uploaded a slideshow today , he will not be able to upload anymore slideshows for 24 hours .

We see these kind of functionalities in some file upload/download sites where if we download a file , they ask us to wait 1 hour to download another file . I wanted to know if this is possible on BUBBLE and if it is , how do I approach it ?

This might not be the most elegant way to go about it, but you could put a date field (Upload date) on the user’s data type (thing) and when they upload an image you set the date field with the current date/time. Then on click of the Upload button you could run validation to see if it’s been 24 hours. If it has, then you remove the value from the date field.

For the upload button/action you will want to verify that the date field is empty before they can upload. You would do this on the event with this qualification “When Upload is clicked and date field is empty”.

You could add another event on the Upload button to display a notification letting them no that it has not been 24 hours since their last upload. The event would be “When Upload is clicked and date field is not empty”. In this event you could do the check to see if it’s been more than 24 hours and if it has, then you remove the value and allow the upload. In this event you could also relate a custom event to check if it hasn’t been 24 hours and display the alert.

thanks a lot! that worked for me, But I hope there was an easy solution or option right there in the workflow editor or in the conditions of the elements to do this, thanks Though! :slight_smile:

You could also add a condition to the button that does a search for the latest creation date of your thing, and compares with current date - 86400 seconds.

If it is greater then the button says “Come Back Later” and isn’t clickable.

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Hi NigelG! that was my first idea, but I could´t make it work, if I show you my app and tell you how I want to block an action, would you help me? :slight_smile:

Yes, of course :slight_smile: