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Is it possible to build news aggregator like Hacker News but without personal accounts but still includes up/down vote functionality?

I want the news aggregator to have similar functionality to Hacker News (picture shown above^) with Bubble, but where only I and a select group control what’s added. Then, anyone without a personal account can upvote or downvote the listings of articles to signify relevancy.

Hi @andrew3
I guess you could prevent double upvote/downvote based on user’s IP address (of course they would be able to get around it pretty easily).

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Yeah, that wouldn’t be a big deal. I doubt the kind of people we care enough to take the time to do that. However, on the off chance, you have a possible solution?

Also, I’m new to Bubble, but can you point me where I could get this done?

@andrew3 Sure, I’d recommend checking out AirDev’s Bootcamp. Actually, one of the assignments there is to build a very similiar site to yours (a Product Hunt clone) so that might be useful as well :smiley:

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To make sure, you’re saying it’s 100% possible to up/down vote without an account, right?

And thank you for referencing that class. I will probably take it then.

@andrew3 Yes, check out this thread for a reference

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