Is it possible to build Paid Chat Advice With Bubble?

I have been searching like crazy and I cannot find an answer to this… So I am curious if it is even possible to built a paid chat advice site with bubble. What I would need to be able to do is have support for several advice givers that a user can choose who they wish to chat with and have to purchase minutes of chat time prior to chatting which is stored in an account on the site for them. When in the chat there needs to be a timer which shows how much time they have to talk in relation to the amount the advice giver is charging (i.e adviser charges $1.00 a minute and they customer has $5.00 in their account so when they go in the chat it shows they have 5 available minutes to use and that decreases in real time … Is this at all possible with bubble? I admit I dont know what I am doing with bubble but before I get into learning how to use this I would really like to know if this is at all possible. Thank you so very much!

BLUF: Yes it’s possible.

Something you’ll find in Bubble is that most everything IS possible - it’s more of you finding how to work within what Bubble gives you and finding ways to make it work. In this regard it’s very similar to any programming language.

Where I’d start looking:

  1. got started with Bubble and were funded that way if I’m not mistaken. Similar concept.
  2. has a great ‘duo chat’ course that will show you how to build the chat function. @gregjohnkeegan is also now offering affordable coaching and private work which is pretty rad.
  3. Salar has some great courses as well which will help you understand data structure, architecture, and payments etc.
  4. go.codefree has some amazing resources as well, plenty of places to look!



Thank you very much for your help and your resources! I’ll get started right away then! Cheers!

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