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Is it possible to create an upload workflow in live version?

Here is my dilemma…

I have several distinct attorney offices throughout NY State using an older app which I want to upgrade to Bubble.

They will all use the same app, but they all have their distinct databases.

I have created a field in all my databases which define the office, so the data can be separated logically for each using a multi-tenant system.

But my problem is the following:

Let’s say I have working with one site beautifully and they have been entering their live data…

Now I am about to add a new office, and I need to upload their database into the new system.

I need to do it in the live system and not in development, and then transfer to live. Since that would erase all of the data entered by my first client.

I don’t see a way to have the upload management tool in the live version.

It would be nice to allow access to the database tab in live version for this kind of management (with full access control obviously).

OK, I found the “Switch to live…” link in the data tab. That will allow me to update the live version without disturbing my development test database.

Why do we only find these things after we post? :blush:

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It’s the same reason why we spot spelling and grammar mistakes just after sending the email.

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