Is it possible to create an vendor backend?

Hi Guys, currently I am trying to build a website platform for SPA. So in my website there will be different SPA shops (e.g. SPA A, SPA B, SPA C) and customers can come to our web platform to choose the spa that they want to book. But I also need a backend system for each SPA Shop that they can manage all their booking etc. And more importantly because except receiving booking from the website, the SPA shop also receive bookings from direct phone calls from customers, so that in the backend it needs something like a Iphone’s calendar where they can add event/bookings, and sync that with the website so that the website knows that particular timeslot is already booked so the other customers will not be able to book that timeslot in the website to prevent repeat bookings.

I wonder if it is possible to make something like that with bubble? Thanks so much!


Yes, that is entirely possible.

One way you could do it is by having each “back end” user only able to see one shop’s data - which you define when they get signed up.

Each booking would therefore also have a “Shop” field.

So when someone calls up, and the user is signed in, you can just show a calendar for that particular shop (so a list of bookings filtered by shop).

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