Is it possible to create


How can I create in a clean way?

I know Wordpress-blog is possible but this will not help with domain authority. Google will treat the later as 2 subdomains and its not ideal when getting backlinks. When I say Wordpress-blog basically any external landing pages using AMP or other optimised landing pages. This bog could have 10,000 pages underneath it covering a range of SEO topics.

I did ask this question before and there was another thread too. But I just want to recheck if anyone knows a good solution to achieve this folder structure.

1 Like is not showing as a registered one, Are we missing something here…? is meant as an example.

My question is how do I add landing pages to
My bubble site in the format of …

Use the plugin

Thanks melon – but is only to work with 2 bubble URLS and not for an external site.

Once your plan is paid, you can use custom domain

Hi Melon. I hope you dont mean"Production" plan with subdomain feature because thats like $500 a month.

I am on the paid personal plan. Can you please tell me the steps to make it work - if you think your idea works on any paid plan?

To be more specific, Its better to be answered by the plugin maker, So far i see that the plugin can get the URL from address bar and change to something we provide

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