Is it possible to "Divide" a Repeating Group?

Hello everyone…

It may be a dumb question but I need to know if it is possible.

So… is it possible to “divide” e Repeating Group? Or to better say to continue to another Repeating Group? Like this diagram below?


Hi there, @fabian.banushi… check out this thread… the last post is an example that includes a link to the editor.


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There are a few ways to do that…

One way is to have the ‘Advertisement’ element in the RG cell, and only display it if the cell index is divisible by 3 (for example)…

Another way is just to use 2 (or more) RGs - the first displaying the first 3 results, the second displaying the next 3, and so on, with the Advertisement element in between.


Thanks, Guys.
I will take a look :smiley:

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