Is it possible to do a workflow when a field changes TO a value?

I want to have basically a notes section that posts updates to it, so for example if a user changes a dropdown value to “Order Submitted” the system creates a note being like “User A changed the dropdown to Order Submitted.” I can make it work if I have a workflow run when the Save button is pressed AND when that dropdown value is Order Submitted, but if it’s already in Order Submitted status and the user changes another field and presses save, would it not then still post that note?

I’m basically wanting a workflow that does:

If the user presses the Save button, and the dropdown “Order Status” changes from a value TO “Order Submitted” then post the note, but if it’s already in “Order Submitted” status it wouldn’t trigger?

I’m not sure if I understand your right, but you can insert conditions in you workflow.

In the example bellow, when the "Button Save " is clicked AND the value of “Drowpdown A” is not submitted, then the workflow will execute.

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@lmoreau yes it is possible so you have to build an event listener for this. Do when a field in the data table changes.

I think I would use something like set states or something similar. Try this out Set States FREE Video Tutorial 🎉

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: