Is it possible to do Live Filtering with URL parameters like

PcPartPicker has my favorite Filtering. For Reference

When you click on a Manufacturer it immediately updates the results. As well as it passes a URL Parameter.

Is there any way to do filtering like this in Bubble, My filtering uses states to get the Live Filtering Feel. But I have not figured out how to Pass the URL parameters so repeating Group remembers what Brands etc I have selected.

Ya, definitely—just add workflows to each filter that runs Go To Page and add the filters as the parameter.

Then you can have your RG reference your URL parameters with ignore empty constraints, or you can get more technical.

I’m a little confused on the second part. Do I need both RG to reference the the URL parameters or only the Filtering one.

I’m not sure what you mean. If I understand correctly, it should only reference the parameters used to filter.

I went it about it wrong got it all working now thanks!

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