Is it possible to do this app idea with bubble?

Hello guys
So my app idea is a platform to link between tutors and students who need private lessons, the app will need a messaging system (the teacher should be able to make chat groups with his students to share studying materials and discuss private lessons times) , and a payment system, it also needs to give different roles to the users, so a teacher can create groups and a student can’t and so on.
the estimated number of people to use this app is between 5k-15k.
is this possible to do with bubble?
If yes, what plan do i need?

Definitively, yes. I would recommand to start building for free, the got a free plan (pro) when/if you need to use api and backend/scheduled workflow. Then go live. And if you need more, you will upgrade depending on your revenues.

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how much time do you think it will take to build this?

for a professional, the super basic version can be done in a day and an ok MVP in a week and a very good one in 2 weeks.

If you have to learn Bubble first, then super basic version in 2-4 weeks, ok MVP in 1-2months, very good one in 3-6 months. (It is more the first numbers if you have done some kind of coding or logic like organic chemistry or know about website design)

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You can determine the build size by making a list of each feature for the MVP on a spreadsheet and writing down the hours for it.

I would say you can build a basic version in 50 hours or less.

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Hello @licat68518

If your goal is also to make a mobile and web application, I recommend that you build from the start in 320x680 px mode (responsive mode). The goal is to use the same version for your site and your app. Good luck with your project, and welcome to Bubble.

source: 10 min. to build a free iOS / Android native app with Bubble :large_orange_diamond:

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It seems really a great idea.