Is it possible to embed reusable elements in rich text via short code or some other way?

I’d love to embed interactive elements in the rich text of blog posts!

Make the reuseable in question a page then use Iframes of that url in the rich text to embed it in.

Cool idea! Can you tell me what the iframe url would be or give an example by any chance? #nontechnical haha

As non technical as I can get for you,
Easiest way is to:

1: Create a new page called reusablename_embed

2: make it dynamic width height

3: go to and enter (your domain)/reusablename_embed

4: copy the iframe code it gives you then in the rich text editor just use the html piece of rich text and drop that url in.

This won’t work for things like email typically but if it’s for dynamic pages or blog layouts or something this will work.

Also verify you bubble app settings under general that you can iframe


Thanks a bunch! I’m going to try it!

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