Is it possible to have different Url's for groups?

Hey guys,

Right now I have one single “index page” with a navigation bar that is accessed by showing/hiding groups. Is it possible to attribute different urls for 4 groups that I have right now? My goal is to be able to do some tracking/analytics on these groups aside from just the one index page.




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No it’s not possible unfortuantly , all those links will be separate pages.

You can make it like:
Hotjar and Google will see this as separate pages.


How would I be able to do that? Hotjar is exactly what I’m trying to use!

Add a new page - clone from index page.

Then on index set a workflow to redirect to page to the page you have created. I use is dev version formatted as text yes= /version-test. No=empty.

I don’t think I understand. For me to able to use Hotjar, I will have to create 4 different pages entirely instead of the groups?

  1. How would I then be able to name the urls?
  2. Won’t cloning the index page 4 times slow it down?

It’s okay maybe I didn’t explain very well.

We are just cloning the page once to keep all your work you have done so far. Clone it to a new name of “ID”. To have /paths on a single page you can’t do it from the index because bubble will think every page is a new page.
We need something inbetween .com/ and your final path (home).

Changing the url is all up to you now, you can set up workflow to look for certain paths

here is a free plugin I am using, it’s good to find paths of the url and will also change the url from a workflow action.

You could also use get data from page url for some instances but I find the plugin by Zeroqode is very good.


This is great, thank you! Are you available for a screenshare or a call for more questions?

Ok I will send you a message.

Will I just keep the clone page, or do I have to keep ID and Index?

Index page cannot be deleted, we will leave that as an empty page with only 1 workflow and action to redirect to your new page (id).

So when someone hit your index page they will be forwarded to

In your single page application you should only have 3 pages: index, id and reset_pw.