Is it possible to have groups appear based on criteria, and "push down" everything below it?

I have a layout right now that basically looks like this:

When a user clicks Convert on a lead, a popup appears asking for more fields, like this:

When they save, it changes the status of “Lead Status” to “Converted”

Is there any way to then have these fields appear as another group, but under the first grouping, and on top of Notes, basically pushing Notes down, having it go in between them like this:

Just not clear on how I’d do that, if you’d make an entirely different page layout for leads that are converted, or if there’s a way to do it all on the same page? Thanks!!!


You can achieve this by adding a group as required above notes and collapsing it’s height when hidden. Then you can pass the info from the popup to this group and change it to visible. The notes group will then move down and this group will be visible between the 2.

Hope this helps.



Thanks so much that works great, figured out how to collapse after I replied a minute ago so looks like this will do the trick, appreciate it!

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Glad to be of help. If this worked, could you mark the reply as the solution so that anyone else reading the post could also benefit.