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Is it possible to have many/multiple domains point to one Bubble application (aka white label SaaS feature)?

We are building an application to where users of the application should be able to connect their own custom domain to our application so that they can offer a branded version of our application to their clients.

This is often referred to as a SaaS with a “white-labeling” or a “cname” feature where basically the user would point a subdomain of their own domain with a simple CNAME record to the app.

We have done this with other applications we have built, but not with Bubble. We are trying this with Bubble, but it seems that the only person doing this is offering this as an expensive service ( - very expensive if you have a high amount of web-traffic expected).

The way I see this is that we need to set up some host that would be set up as a reverse proxy system that could point the domains of all of our users who set up their domain to the app. It would also manage the SSL certificates and have a small DB and API that would connect with backend workflows to the Bubble app so that the user data can stay in sync with the operating status of every domain added to automatically set up each domain when someone is adding it in-app. (If we had to do this this is not something I have done personally yet and do not know if there are limitations that would present itself with Bubble)…

Am I right in my thinking about this? Or is there a much more simple solution to this?

(Other solutions exist that do an iframe system to kind of “fake” it, however this would not allow for an authenticated session for browsers that do not support 3rd party cookies such as iOS and Safari) (Leveraging a custom Netlify solution I have heard that there are problems with Bubble compatibility and may not be reliable at scale)

Any help here would be appreciated.

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I am aware that Bubble has the “sub-apps” feature, however I do not believe that is necessary and the cost is very high with that. We simply need a domain to point to the application and load with that domain the URL bar. Everything else would be managed from in-app.

If anyone has solved this please share possible options to do this in a realistic way that can scale with many domains connected.