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Is it possible to make a payment system on Bubble?

Is it possible to make a payment system like this one on Bubble?

There you can Add Balance with scratch cards.


From my experiences you will need some third party service like Stripe or PayPal, to handle payments, but you can have great service for collecting any currency virtually (by tickets, coupons, Deposits), connect with shops and services (by API’s to transfer money) if needed, than pay it out to clients any traditional way.

This is for a country where most people don’t have a bank account or Paypal.

1 - You pay a card at a supermarket ($100)
2 - You add the balance to your account (now you have $100 to buy online with)

I see So you need an app, that will have two functions.
First it will allow users to collect online money on theirs virtual accounts
And secondly it will allow clients to pay for decided services, like online shops, or services, without using theirs credit-cards only as Online currency.
In that case you only need to have stripe/paypal account that will be used by your clients to pay using collected money.

If I understand you right, I will be more than happy to help you out with this. Please PM me for more details.


Hey, @karel
Im looking to build something similar.

I want a way for users to create some sort of a virtual card, where they can refill using local methods, and be able to buy online on any shop using the said card.

Is that possible? And how will I go about it. Thanks

Hi @Kar! :wave:Yes, it’s possible to build such a project with Bubble, we can offer you #1 Stripe Marketplace Express Plugin for Bubble , or you can also pay your attention to another payment system plugins here. For detailed info please reply in this thread, or you can also apply to our support team is always there to assist you :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,

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