Is it possible to make a stopwatch?


I am trying to make a stopwatch for a football live score where we will be controlling live scores for everyone to see. So since there is no timer/stopwatch people won’t know how many minutes of the game has passed or is left.

Is there a way I can add a stopwatch where an admin can control it from the admin panel and then it will show on the live score page? I can share the app with you so you can check it out and see what I exactly mean.

You can just show the time elapsed (in hours minutes and seconds) since whatever time is set in the database.

how do I add that?

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this is the app.

Just use a text element, formatted to look however you like.

in the admin page or the live score page?

@adamhholmes I can’t figure out on how to do exactly.

wherever you want…

how tho…I can’t figure it out

Figure out what?.. how to add a text element to a page?

Or how to store a time in the database?

Or how to refer to a stored time?

Which bit are you having trouble with?..

on how to show the estimated time…live

I stored the date/time but now I can’t figure out on how to display it…if you could check the link please…

You just need to deduct the stored date/time from the current date/time

You’ll have to do some fiddly formatting to make it display correctly (i.e. hours minutes and seconds), and you’ll need to update the current date/time every second on the page to keep it running in real time.

This has been dealt with numerous times on the forum (more commonly in the context of a countdown timer - but it’s the same thing)…

There are (probably) also some plugins that do it all for you…

let me see if I can do it…im just confused.

I tried some plugins but no hope…

yes, you can make a stop watch with bubble

so I tried this…but…it only works for the page I built it for and not the other pages I need it to display also.

mind looking at my app?