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Is it possible to preview a webpage in a group? (SOLVED)

I’m wondering if anyone has been able to
Implement a way to preview a webpage in bubble (like an embedded browser).
In my app, I will have a large list of pages returned from a users search and it would be great to be able to open a pop up or group that loads the webpage for a preview.
Any thoughts if this can be done?


Like an iframe?

Yeah, use an iframe to reference another page on your site. Have that other page show the information you want in the preview. If you don’t want users to be able to interact with it while previewing it, then put a shape on top of it that’s 100% transparent.

Ah! Of course!

Thanks guys. Works perfectly.

For anyone else that might have the same question, I also needed to set the width=“100%” and height=“what ever your container width is” to fill the HTML container.