Is it possible to pull in Airtable data from the server side?


I need to pull in a large number of rows from Airtable, and to update a large number of rows of data from Airtable. When I try to do that from a regular workflow using the AT plugin it always crashes. I’m wondering if it’s possible to do this on the server side. I’ve tried but not been able to figure it out.



You mean saving it to the Bubble dB?

If so, two ways I can think of.

One is to make a GET call directly using the api connector and with that list create the items in the Bubble dB recursively.

Two would be to load the data on to the page and save the items to the Bubble dB recursively as well.

Hi @cmarchan ,

If i do it from a list on the page it crashes. Is that what you’re talking about doing?

One. Without the page
Two. With the page in chunks if it is crashing.