Is it possible to reload an element after a time interval?

I have a multi entry text data input that is being passed via a form to the next page, and when the new page loads, it renders one of the texts from the list randomly. What I’d like to do is have that random text update at a time interval.
I could do this by reloading the page with workflows, but ideally could just have a workflow upload/reload that element using the ‘every 5 seconds’ or similar feature.
Any help appreciated!

Have you tried a timer plugin?

What’s wrong with this?

You already knew the answer. You don’t need to reload the page. Just change the thing you want to change, whenever you want to change it.

I couldn’t find something that seemed like it would be able to trigger the event I’m looking for.

@troy.gasnier ^^?

Do you know the action would allow me to change the element. What I’m really looking to do is reload the text element so it will repopulate with another random selection.

You can just use @keith’s method, then within that Do every x seconds workflow set a new custom state that randomizes whatever you’re trying to do

Thank you Johnny!