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Is it possible to replace the reset_pw page with a group?

Hi All,

I’m building a one-page app, so I’m showing/hiding groups on a single page rather using multiple pages. So far so good with most of my efforts but I am struggling to understand if this will work for the reset password feature, since there is a built-in Bubble page for that. Can I replace it with a group and if so, can someone suggest how I might go about doing this please?

Clarification: I think I’m mostly concerned about the link that is sent with the workflow action Send password reset email. I believe it is auto-generated by Bubble, so how would I change it (so as to send the user to my reset_pw group on my index page rather than the built-in reset_pw page)?


We don’t support changing that page. it’s a bit tricky as the page needs to be able to identify the ID of the request.

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Hi @emmanuel, thanks. I was going to experiment today with generating a token without email then creating a url with the token and sending my own email with the url, but it sounds like it may not be worth trying?

I’m in a similar situation - have a one page App except for the password reset process.

Ended up with a custom message on the bubble standard password reset page, asking the user to go back to the App to log in with new password :frowning:

Will be curious to hear if you have a better workaround / solution.

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Yes that’s wouldn’t work with the current system.

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