Is it possible to send a dynamic email using two (or more) separate data fields?


I am building a news feed app which will contain a running feed of posts that each have a headline and a main body. I want to be able to send out an email containing these posts as a daily newsletter. Is it possible to send it so I have it in this kind of style:

Headline story 1
Main body story 1

Headline story 2
Main body story 2

using a dynamic email plugin for SendGrid or MailChimp etc? At present I can only see how you would generate an email containing all the headlines first and then all the main bodies, which is not any use!


Hello @osintltd

Just wanted to ask do your daily newsletters always have 2 headline stories and 2 main body stories or is it dynamic? Also, how did you structure your database? The reason I’m asking is because there could be a lot of different ways to implement what you’re trying to do since there are a lot of factors at play.

Heads up, if you’re playing with lots of dynamic data and long emails, I suggest you use third party email services like sendgrid or mailchimp to save you from headache

thanks @ntabs

there is no set number of posts for each day, which I’m assuming would complicate things further!

the database is set up so there is a datatype of “Report”, which contains the data fields “Headline” and “Main Body”